I didn't let myself think about Nabra today. I was taking care of my kids, and I had iftars (fast-breaking meal) and Eid breakfasts (holiday at the end of Ramadan) to plan. We went grocery shopping and to the park.

Now I am alone. My children are asleep. My husband is breaking his fast at the mosque. And I am thinking about Nabra. I wish that I didn't have to think about Nabra. I wish that Nabra's family didn't have to think about Nabra.

I wish that no one had to think about Nabra because it hurts too much to admit that a 17-year-old Muslim girl was possibly raped and killed on her way back to the mosque from eating breakfast with her friends before sunrise (because it is Ramadan, and she would have been fasting during that day).

Apparently this man chased her and her friends with a baseball bat, and Nabra tripped on her dress and fell. He hit her in the head and dragged her off, possibly raped her, hit her again, and dumped her body in a pond.

I went online to read the Islamic Society of North America's statement on the murder, and it linked to a Google Doc sign-up for a Qur'an reading for her. This is a means of praying for her - reading the Qur'an in her honor. Instead of finding a list of sections with people's names assigned to each one, I found someone else had gotten a hold of the link, had deleted everything, and was writing "Islam is Evil" in every empty cell. "She deserved it" one cell read. Even now as I am writing this, people are fighting back and forth - one group to fill the cells with hate, another group to fill the cells with verses from the Qur'an.

Let's all take a moment of silence and/or prayer before we continue. Close your eyes and think about Nabra, then continue reading.

I am Nabra. Nabra is my daughter. Nabra is my sister. And Nabra is you.

We are one people, and we do not have to hurt one another like this.

Nabra deserves better.

May God grant Nabra the highest heaven. May He forgive her every sin. May He ease her family's suffering in the face of such evil. May He strengthen their faith and grant them relief from their pain when they turn to Him for help. May the shock of her death bring peace and understanding into the world and cause people to build bridges instead of burning them. Let Nabra be remembered.

Anna, Aubrey, Mariah, Rebekah, and the Openhearted Staff